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Office 2013 News
This article was written in Word 2013 with the new spell checker! Don’t know why, but the keys move faster…
Everyone is talking about it (in the technological field…). The new Office 2013 will be, probably, launched in October. Until then you may test it for free, simply by downloading it and you can install simultaneous with Office 2010 (you should choose 32 or 64 bits according to the version you already have on your computer):
Office 2013 Overview (video)
The easiness to store and share online it’s a great asset. Share by email, facebook or linkedin, invite people to see or edit through a link, present online or publish on a blog.
What about PDFs? Now you can open, edit and convert again into PDF or keep in other Office format. Not only for those documents which you lost the editable version, as for other PDFs that were not created by the user, in which you can edit headers, tables, objects, graphics as if created by the start (but attention, there are no miracles…). Surely you have heard many people asking this question in places where there was not a simple answer to the common user, leaving him on a Zen mode trying to understand a more complex answer. Now it’s easy.
It is yet unclear if it will work only on the Microsoft tablet (Surface) or if it will be available, for instance, on iPad and Android. It makes sense that gets available on all platforms, but the fidelity to Steve Ballmer is likely to prevail.
From the outset, the amazing interface stands out, ready for tablets and with touch screen. Moreover, it has Cloud and Collaboration integrated features, allowing starting on computer, continuing on laptop and finishing on other device, through sync in skydrive or sharepoint to companies. The possibility to shrink tabs at top (ribbon) and switch to full screen mode simplifies the work.
Cloud and Collaboration (video)
Word has the Read mode, very handy to read documents, and you only need to swipe left or right with your finger to move from page to page. Since the document is saved online, when you open it in other device you will go to the page where you had left, because this information is saved automatically. New tools of images and objects alignment facilitate the elements position on the text (sometimes difficult in previous versions).

Very simple and clean Outlook with considerable usability improvements. You may respond easily to an email, starting right away to write at the email itself after click Reply. For those who need help to organize the daily routine, now you just need mouseover at the calendar to see the info. The integration with social media and contacts is noticed in Outlook, being transversal to the entire Office. If you forget to attach a file you get a notice (Outlook detects based on the particular text) and your calendar will have a remaining time indicator accordingly to the place with a scheduled appointment – something very required by the users. And if the user is not at the office, receives a remind so he may send the message through other via (by chat, for instance) to obtain an answer more quickly.
Power Point presents a great evolution, mainly in the presentation mode with touch interface and more useful information to the speaker, to simplify the task. You may choose a model, at the beginning, that by default is in 16:9 format (previous was 4:3) simplifying the life to whom wants to export their presentation to video format to youtube (such as power point 2010 exports to format hd720 and not to hd1080), keeping animations, music and transitions, something simple but very powerful to promote your business. With Power Point 2010 you could already convert to video, but needed to switch to 16:9, which would render an unformatted presentation, making thus difficult the simple task of standardization to export. Since its usual to find video projectors in 16:9, it’s a good idea to apply this standard. And given that presentations live from images, you can now directly insert your facebook or flickr images without saving them first at the disc – it makes sense.
Excel with good templates, data presentation and new tools. To be noted the easy way to insert and formatting graphics. Accordingly to the data you are inserting, you may fill in the rest of the table automatically suggested by the detected pattern. With a right click, now arise numerous suggestions to conditional and automatic formatting, tools, graphics and other enhanced improvements. Power View shows shortly a data set easily customized in a way you can display at a work meeting.
Excel 2013 (video)
An entire interface with touch screen. You can zoom objects like in the other touch devices or using the tools. The review is now more intuitive, with the comments near the text, being easy to follow the discussion and improve the document.
I remember to use skydrive years ago, before its competitors became popular and when msn was the leader. This tool interacted with contacts, so we could share folders and files. It was always interesting, but I believe only now Microsoft learned how to truly promote this service, incorporating in the cloud productivity solution.
Although companies are the main focus, the Office 365 version, accessible by subscription, may arouse interest to users willing to pay a small amount to use it online.
I think smartphones are fantastic and mobile is a reality that simplifies almost everything. Tablets fulfill many needs. But to seriously work I still need a physical keyboard and a good mouse.

I’m from the time when computers had no mouse and now we lose it again?
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